The European Observatory

For ICT Standardisation

The brand new EUOS will thoroughly monitor the global Standardisation landscape, providing a comprehensive and accurate coverage of the most important ICT Standards, Working Groups and Technical Committees that affect the key ICT topics of the Digital Single Market and the EU ICT Rolling Plan for Standardisation.

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IT_general IT Security ICT Domain Software ICT Domain Network ICT Domain Cloud Computing ICT Domain Other IT standards IoT Big Data Ai Cybersecurity Data technologies 5G communications ISO/IEC - JTC 1/SC 27 - 27005:2018 ISO/IEC - JTC 1/SC 38 DIS 22624 ETSI - TR 103 527 V1.1.1 OSI - Open System Interconnections IT terminal and other peripheral equipment Applications of information tecnology Computer graphics Information coding Others Others Languages used in IT Others Data storage services

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